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The Dalí Flama

Professional Chef | Home Catering | Consultant

I cordially invite you to explore some creative delicacies I've enhanced over the years. Allow me to bring to the comfort of your home a unique dining experience... flavored with culture.

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"Enjoy your life, your food, and cherish the company that you share it with"

the Dalí Flama

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About The Dalí Flama

A chef... an artist... and a poet in training.

Boiling to the brim of passion,

Encrusted by the sear of your trust...

... and sometimes, beer-battered beyond belief.

The Dalí Flama fabricates both new and traditional dishes with a flare that is sought by many and enjoyed by few. Cuisines that are ethnically faceted with the touch of his clients' personal tastes. A saporous spectrum of unique dishes, ranging from Fancy American Bistro to Cafe Lounge-ish...

From Bougie Sushi to Beach Bar Pickinz

From Hearty Family Feasts to Lightly Styled Apps and Amazing Grazings.

Straight out of his culinary clubhouse to the comfort of your home (or preferred choice environment). The Dalí Flama creates multi-faceted dishes that are always in-progress pieces of art... awaiting your signature approval.

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